"The Enchanted Cottage"

The musical adaptation based on the three act play

by Sir Arthur Wing Pinero


Music by Brian Sherick

Lyrics and Book by John Vaughn


The following mp3 files are 1 minute examples

of each song. Click on the title to play!


Act I


The Enchanted Cottage

Haunted Soul

A Place To Hide

Men of War

How It Will Be

Stirs in Me

The Stars Are Out Tonight

Men of War

Now He'll Be Fine

God's Intended Plan

Why Can't He See

I Am Renewed

From Afar


Act II


In My Dreams

A Path of Love

Never Love Again

Don't Let Her Dreams Die

What Am I Without Her

We Made It Through The Dark

What Miracle Is This?

Don't Let Her Dreams Die - Reprise

A Mother's Farewell

When You Love

For So Long


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